Plane tickets are bought, going to Tanzania and Kenya in October! :)

Sorry for that many pictures of myself but I’ve been tagged by calliahna for the six selfies challenge. Half of them aren’t really selfies but that’s all I have.

1. On the summit of Mount Colden, NY
2. On Franconia Ridge, NH
3. While framing the roof of the school we built in Djougou, Benin
4. Shower selfie.
5. Somewhere in the Presidential Range. Not sure where exactly because I was lost. I legit thought that it could have been the last picture of myself.
6. 10 years ago selfie. Lol. Please, no comment on this one.

Getting drunk with my sister while watching Dude Where’s My Car

Whoever you are, thanks for submitting one of my photo to lensblr!

Classes are over, going home time.

davenast Yes, Franconia Ridge

King Ravine, New Hampshire